Extremely Dissatisfied

WOW! fromAustralia

On our tour we walked the streets of Nagamachi Bukeyashiki, then walked to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art and through the garden of Oyama Shrine.

It would be helpful for the guide to check what the customer knows about Samurai culture when starting the tour. We knew very little and yet all we learned was that their houses have mud walls, large gardens and there is a gate for the samurai to enter the property.

The level of information provided was underwhelming. We had been in Kanazawa 4 hours so I thought this would’ve been a good introduction to the city’s culture.

The guide could also check what pace you’d like to take the tour. If we stopped to take a photo we would need to walk even faster to catch up with her.

A couple of times we were taken places that were closed when we got there so it would be helpful if the guides were across changes in opening times.

After 1hr 10 mins we requested to finish the tour as we were close by our hotel and we didn’t feel that we learned about the history of samurai culture, or saw lesser-known spots of Kanazawa.

We hope this feedback can lead to improvements in your tours.

Kanazawa’s Samurai Culture

Kirsty and Paul Kennedy